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Law Office Alfred M. Freitas is a trusted law firm with an excellent reputation in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. Attorney Alfred Freitas is committed to delivering favorable results for his clients; his passion is immediately evident during early consultations and is sustained through the entirety of the legal process. Whether you require assistance with a landlord-tenant dispute or another civil matter, you can count on Law Office Alfred M. Freitas for high-quality legal service.

Service Areas

Law Office Alfred M. Freitas is conveniently located on Los Feliz Boulevard in the Atwater neighborhood. Alfred Freitas serves a variety of clients from Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and throughout the Los Angeles area. He is also willing to work with those residing in other regions of California. His impressive understanding of the state’s legal system has proven particularly useful in complicated landlord-tenant cases.

Practice Areas

A variety of legal matters are handled at Law Office Alfred M. Freitas. The vast majority of the cases the firm takes on involve landlord-tenant disputes. Representation is offered on behalf of both landlords and tenants, with conflicts involving everything from unpaid rent to unwarranted eviction. In some cases, it is possible to resolve these legal issues peacefully out of court, but if litigation proves necessary, Alfred Freitas is willing to fight aggressively on behalf of his clients.

In addition to handling landlord-tenant cases, Alfred Freitas also assists clients with complex family matters, including child custody, child support, and paternity. He favors amicable arrangements, but understands that this is not always possible. Regardless of each client’s preferred approach, he is willing to do what it takes to ensure that all legal arrangements benefit his clients and their children.

A few of the cases Alfred Freitas handles involve business and general civil law. His extensive legal knowledge and understanding of the local legal environment have both proven quite beneficial as he resolves complex civil matters.

Working With Law Office Alfred M. Freitas

The details of the legal matters handled by Alfred M Freitas vary significantly, but all clients share a common desire to bring their cases to a prompt close and move on with their lives. A satisfactory outcome is possible if you work with Law Office Alfred M Freitas. Reach out today to learn more about the law firm and its impressive reputation in Los Angeles.

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