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Civil Law General

Do you have a civil law need, such as a landlord tenant dispute, business issue, or family law matter? Speak with a Los Angles civil law attorney about your situation, learn what your legal options are, and move forward with a trusted ally representing your best interests. Learn about civil law matters handled by the Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas.

Family Law

The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas welcomes clients from Los Angeles County who have a family law matter and seek effective legal representation. For 37 years, The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas has helped over 1,200 families resolve issues successfully. We understand how painful a family law dispute can be, and how resolving it quickly and fairly helps both sides move on from the matter.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Under California statues, tenants and landlords have specific responsibilities to maintain property in livable condition and to adhere to the terms of their lease agreements. When any of these responsibilities has gone unfulfilled the tenant or landlord has the right to pursue remedies through the California small claims court providing financial damages are $10,000 or less. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant facing issues with the terms of a lease agreement, or having a disagreement over the terms of a lease in Los Angeles, contact Law Office Alfred M. Freitas at 323-660-0000.

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