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Do you have a civil law need, such as a landlord tenant dispute, business issue, or family law matter? Speak with a Los Angles civil law attorney about your situation, learn what your legal options are, and move forward with a trusted ally representing your best interests. Learn about civil law matters handled by the Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas.

Practice Area

The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas is located in Los Angeles and welcomes clients throughout Los Angeles County. With 37 years of legal experience The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas can capably handle your legal matter while compassionately protecting your best interests and counseling you through this difficult time.

The firm handles any civil law need. The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas has helped over 500 businesses with civil matters, represented over 1.2 thousand individuals in family law matter, and resolved over 6,000 landlord tenant disputes. The firm welcomes any Los Angeles resident or business with a civil law need.

How a Los Angeles Civil Law Firm Can Help You

When you have a dispute or problem, resolving it legally can bring peace of mind and safeguard your rights. Attorneys have a thorough understanding of California state and federal laws affecting business, individual, real estate, and other sectors. An attorney can review your situation for legal merit and explain the options you have under the law. Whether you wish to negotiate, settle a dispute, or take your case to court, the attorney at The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas can advocate for you, reducing stress in a difficult time.

At The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas, all of our attorneys have experience with the legal process understand California civil law. They can find witnesses to corroborate your testimony, coach you on preparing to testify on the stand or give a deposition, and help you gather any documentation that can support your case. All this increases your odds of a successful outcome.

Would you like to speak with an attorney at the Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas about your pressing legal matter? Speak with the attorney, learn how the law impacts your position, and find out how the firm can assist you in moving forward. To schedule a free 30-minute legal consultation with the Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas, please call 323-660-0000.

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