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Welcome to The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas, a Los Angeles law firm that focuses on family law matters. If you have a family dispute, the stress and strain can be overwhelming. Resolve your issues legally and find peace with assistance from the Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas. Learn how the firm can protect your best interests.

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The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas welcomes clients from Los Angeles County who have a family law matter and seek effective legal representation. For 37 years, The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas has helped over 1,200 families resolve issues successfully. We understand how painful a family law dispute can be, and how resolving it quickly and fairly helps both sides move on from the matter.
Family law matters handled by the firm’s attorneys include prenup agreements, postnup agreements, divorce and separation, alimony, child custody, child support, paternity, and domestic violence. When it comes to something as personal as a family dispute, an attorney can relieve the emotional strain by advocating for you and advising you on your best course of action.

How a Los Angeles Family Law Firm Can Help You

Often painful family law matters are best left to attorneys who can dispassionately discuss the facts at hand and find a successful resolution. When it comes to something like child custody, attorneys can work out arrangements to save clients strain and emotional distress. There is simply no way that you can advocate for your best interests during a family law matter. Often, discussing the matter is too painful. Many people find they cannot listen to the other side or take neutral facts into account because there is too much emotionally invested.

The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas will stand by your side during every phase of your family law procedure, from thoughtfully explaining your options to negotiating an agreement with the other party.

With any family law matter, hiring an attorney can increase your confidence and the odds of a successful outcome that is fair to all parties. Learn how The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas can assist you by speaking with the firm about your situation and getting a lawyer’s opinion. The Law Office of Alfred M. Freitas offers free 30 minute consultations to new clients. Reserve yours today by calling the firm at 323-660-0000.

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